WebPerception: Billing Policy

WebPerception sends invoices by email only.
All services are pre-paid before they are activated.
Payments are due every month unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
Payments are credited when received by WebPerception.
All accounts are activated the date they are received and that date is electronically stamped into your account and used for future invoices.
Five (5) days grace time is given for accounts once they have reached the due date. After this grace time the account will be automatically locked out (you can still receive email) until payment is received or thirty days has elapsed- at which time the members account will be completely deleted.
The account will not be activated or unlocked based on a member telling us "the check is in the mail".
Check or Cash Payments:
You will receive an email invoice 15 to 30 days before your payment is required allowing ample time for payment. The invoice states the invoice number, due date, amount and the address to send your payment. Please include the invoice number on your check.
We charge a $20 fee for any check that is returned unpaid from the bank plus any bank charges and then that payment, and all future payments, must be made with a cashiers check or cash. We will not accept another check. The bounced check fee must be paid before service is re-instated.

Credit Card Payments:
We accept the following credit cards:
credit cards accepted

All billing policies are the same for credit cards, checks and cash.
Cancellation Policy:

  1. All cancellations must be verified by email or postal mail. The account is active from the time it is created on the system until the date you cancel the account via email or postal mail. Cancellations are done on the same day WebPerception receives your request to cancel (this includes all requests from InterNIC) and, at that time, your account will be deleted from our system. Be sure you get all the files you wish to keep copied from our system before you cancel.
  2. A full refund is given within 7 days of the creation of your account unless a greater amount of time has been spent on technical support then is normal- in this case a charge equal to the setup fee and the first months billing will be deducted.
    WebPerception's decision is final.
  3. Past the 7 days the startup fee is not refundable. If there is unused time on the account when you cancel a refund will be issued on the remaining full calendar months only.
    Re-joining after account removal:
  4. If you cancel or your account is removed due to lack of payment you have 30 days from the date the account is removed to re-join our service with no startup fee. When the new account is created on the system it will be renewed from the due date of the old account. This is on the condition that minor technical support is required to reconnect your account. If technical support is needed or setup on servers is necessary then a normal startup charge will be required. WebPerception's decision is final.
  5. If you re-join after 30 days from the date removed the full startup is applicable. Your new account will go from the new date that you signup. WebPerception's decision is final.
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