WebPerception: Building-to-Building High-Speed Wireless

Finally -
Gigabit Wireless

No Trenching

Building-to-Building Fiber speeds
Fraction of the cost
Installation in days rather than weeks
Latency as low as 2ms
Speeds from 10mbps to 1 gig (1000mbps) to 100gigabit links

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What is Building-to-Building Wireless?
Building-to-Building wireless communication systems are 100% secure, are 99.9999% reliable and there is no interference. Building-to-Building Wireless provides broadband gigabit access without the need, expense, and hassle of trenching.
Building-to-Building Wireless requires no city permits, and there is no large expense.
With Building-to-Building Wireless, very high-speed data rates are easily supported, but the issue of interference is negated.  Building-to-Building Wireless operates on a FCC regulated licensed and or a FCC regulated unlicensed frequency, providing a stable environment and a viable economic model for WebPerception's clients.
Unlicensed links are much less expensive and are rarely interfered with, if ever! A simple site survey will determine which product is best for you, and your budget.
Building-to-Building Wireless is a next-generation protocol that allows for more efficient bandwidth use, interference avoidance, and is intended for supplying bandwidth speeds of 10mbps to multi-gigabit between buildings, through tunnels, etc. with little to no latency. Building-to-Building Wireless is a true fiber backup or replacement option for your business.

  • No telephone or cable service required
  • Reliable dedicated service (24/7/365)
  • Speeds from 10mbps to 100gbps
  • Installation time in three to fourteen business days
  • Secure, Reliable, Fast and Affordable
  • Professional installation and configuration
  • State of the art technology
  • This is a great product that can plug directly into your existing LAN
  • Internet and Intranet compatible


  • Providing a wireless alternative to cable and fiber
  • Providing connectivity for LAN's, WAN's, WiFi, intranet's, music recording studio's, etc.
  • Providing internet, email and VOIP services
  • Providing internet connectivity for backups
  • Providing connectivity for online movies (NetFlix, etc.)

WebPerception's wireless network was started in 1997 and is stable, reliable, fast, and secure. We surpass HIPAA and FDIC regulations for the secure transmission of data.

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