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Domain Names Available for Email Accounts:
Now you can have a domain name that lets people know what county you are from. It's perfect for businesses that want their customers to know their geographic location, for county activity planners, or to help your friends remember your email address. Or choose one of our other domain names!

Email Accounts that don't change when you change Internet Service Providers

Choose from our large selection of quality names.
Change your Internet Access Provider when you want.
Share Your Internet access but get your own email account.
Maintain independence from your Employer or University.
Get a leading email service provider.
Stay in touch by having a permanent email address.
You no longer need a computer to get email! We can forward your email to your fax machine!!
Once you choose an email address through WebPerception, you can take comfort in distributing it to family, friends, classmates and business contacts. Regardless of the internet access provider, work or home address that you end up using (anywhere in the world), your contacts can reach you at your permanent email address. Click here to learn more....

Personal Email Accounts
Want a lifetime Email Account with the address of your choice?

Because some names may already be taken please enter your Email Name choices in order of preference. You will be assigned the first available name. WebPerception will contact you with your email name and password. Please allow forty-eight hours for your account to be activated.
(Email names can be up to 20 characters not counting the @YourDomain.com)

Email Accounts cost $2.00 per month per name and include full anti-virus and anti-spam protection!
You receive a Daily Digest showing all email not delivered to you and you can then chosse to have it delivered, make Friends and Enemies, nad manage your email yourself.

Your account will not be activated until payment is received.
All future invoices will be sent to you by Email Only.
Please print this page and mail the completed form along with your payment.

Corporate Email Accounts
WebPerception's Corporate Email System
We design, deploy, and manage your Email using:

Dedicated POP3/IMAP Servers
Dedicated Comm Server for messaging
Dedicated Domain for Your Company's email*
List Server for Worldwide messaging to unlimited number of users*
Global Email Forwarding *
Design, Setup, Procedure Manual and Full Email System Management
7 days a week x 24 hour NOC
We will train your staff *
Setup and fully functioning operation in as little as a few hours!
Integration with Exchange Servers, Web sites, etc.
* Note: May involve extra costs.

Email requests for information to: Sales@WebPerception.com


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