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Please look through our Examples and notice the wide range of websites we have written. Of course this is only a partial list but it shows how nice a site can be and how navigable we make them. The most important factors in designing a website are to present the information quickly and offer the user a simple and effective means to navigate your site! Of course adding style doesn't hurt!

We also Index your site with search engines on the Internet so people can find your web site! This is without doubt the second most important factor in having a website.

We can either present your site as a top level domain www.yourdomain.com or you can choose a Virtual site www.webperception.com/yourdomain.com which is less expensive- of course once you see how well your site is working you can always upgrade to a top level domain.

Pricing is less expensive by far then other media and enjoys benefits such as real-time changes to pricing, stock-on-hand, etc. You are no longer stuck with an ad for an entire year!!! People visiting your site are usually already interested in your product or they wouldn't be there, so your ability to target your market is greatly enhanced!

We work closely with our clients to assure satisfaction throughout the development process. The following Web Sites are just a sample of the versatility of our in house design team:

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